Road Travelled: Cannon Beach, Oregon

Cannon Beach, Coastal Oregon

It was a long day's drive from Crescent City, California all the way up the coast to Cannon Beach in Northern Oregon. We had crossed most of the length of Oregon State within the morning and were feeling the effects of the miles we'd been covering. 

Luckily, Oregon offered us a taste of refreshment and relaxation. We had two days planned at a campsite near the beach. arriving early afternoon the first day. Quickly we went through our routines of setting up camp and headed down to the beach in dazed exhaustion. 

The sand was soft. The air, cool. The breeze, salty. But most distinctly, I remember it all being still. Everyone on the beach walked slowly. Voices were muffled by the wind and the waves rolled in softly. 

The tide was going out as the sun was setting, creating an enticing effect on the shoreline that lured us closer to the water. The tide had receded almost a few hundred yards but had left a small cover of water over the sand it had once covered. It appeared as though a layer of glass had formed on the shoreline, one that was now perfectly reflecting the sky above. Those that walked near the waves seemed as though they were were floating in the sky. I'm so glad that my camera could capture it (see picture above) because it is view I never want to forget. 


We sat there for a while, snacking on the most delicious lemon meringue ice cream i've ever had, taking in the surroundings. I have always, quite faithfully, been a fan of mint chip but after this one ice cream cone, lemon meringue has forever become my new favourite flavour.

Feeling refreshed we decided to do something that I believe will forever have me perplexed. 

We decided to go for a drive. 

We had already covered more than 3000 miles sitting in the car listening to the same playlists on repeat. Some how though, the thought of getting back in the car for a leisure drive down the coast was still alluring. 

We spent an hour driving the coastal road with the windows down. I felt I was in a haze. Dirty, tired, crusty, and yet blissfully happy to have the the wind on our faces as we drove. 

Oregon gave us the break we needed. It made us love the road again. Needless to say, our morning of rest that followed, without anywhere to be or any need to pack up was the most rejuvenating of all. We got an extra 5 hours of sleep that morning and boy was that a beautiful thing. We even got a chance to finally make our own coffee (generously supplied by our friends at Marley Coffee, more to come about that amazing company in an upcoming post). 

Rejuvenated and excited, we'd head North to our last two spots before our treacherous 1500 mile, 20 hour trek back to Colorado. Stay tuned for more about the beautiful coastal cities of San Francisco, Portland and Seattle and a first hand look at video footage we captured along the amazing roads we travelled, coming soon on the blog!