Big Sur: Morning Coffee on HWY1

Big Sur, Califonria

It was early, before the crowds had emerged and the coastal shoreline was still quiet. We had already packed up camp to head back out on the road, a task we were getting impressively efficient at accomplishing. We’ve been camping most of our way across the West and with that we’ve grown use to living like vagabonds. Our morning in Big Sur, however, offered the perfect dose of serenity for our chaotic life on the road. 

Most mornings on our trip have been stunning but Big Sur was especially spectacular. I’d like to think the coast was waiting for us that morning. We found a quiet ledge to lay down our cozy camp blanket and sipped on coffee while we stared at the coastline.

Big Sur lives up to the hype. It really is as scenic as people describe. If you’ve been, I know you’ll agree. If you haven’t, you’ll have to believe me. It is California’s diamond in the rough, jagged and raw but in its own way pristine.  The water is a rich azure until it hits the toothy rocks on the shore and creates a foamy froth, offering a rich white contrast to the coastline. We sat there, probably a little to close to the edge, soaking in the surroundings and cooling off in the strong ocean breeze until it was time to head back out on the road. 

Big Sur is the California that men dreamed of years ago, this is the Pacific that Balboa looked at from the Peak of Darien, this is the face of the earth as the Creator intended it to look
— Henry Miller

It’s hard tasting something so unique and having to leave it so soon, but the excitement of seeing what’s beyond the next left turn or highway exit keeps us moving. We like to think we are bringing a bit of each place with us as we move along, though realistically the parts we are carrying with us are through the dirt on our bodies and the stains on our clothes. My jeans are currently 6 inches deep in salt stains from walking the coastal shores. No exaggerations. All in all, the vagabond life has treated us well and so we are back on the road and headed north, off to find a Laundromat in San Francisco.