Desert Oasis At 29 Palms Inn

Joshua Tree, California

After days of surviving with damp sleeping bags and PB&J's, we've finally found the perfect taste of luxury at our little oasis in Joshua Tree. Many of you have been wondering where we've been staying from the photos of the rustic inn. I've been sharing with my Snapchat followers, so I thought I'd share more with you all. 

The property is stunning, and has been in the owner, Jane's, family for four generations. Her great grandfather purchased the land during the 1920's and once owned the land that the Joshua Tree Visitor Center is now situated on. He donated the property to the park in 1950.

The aura here is the perfect blend of rustic and luxury, a perfect place for campers and roadtrippers like ourselves to find refuge from the desert heat. 

By the pool, blue pastel walls offer rich contrast to the exotic cacti.  Behind it lies the Faultline Farms, the property's own organic farm, from which the restaurant draws most of its produce rich ingredients. 



A pond oasis and grass opening towards the back of the property, offer a relaxing space to sit and drink coffee or stretch out through morning yoga. Surrounded by large palm trees, it is the perfect place to find refuge from the scorching desert heat. 

The desert by night is unlike any other view.  It is rugged and barren but in its own way, pure. The sky becomes an eerie blue and the sun sets a deep orange. The air cools and the chaos of the day quiets to a dull hush. Everything feels fresh. The armor needed to survive life in the harsh elements is removed and everything can once again breath. A warm breeze blows through, bringing new life to the desert floor. The prickly cacti emit smooth shadows. The sound of snakes rattling in the heat is overpowered by the gentle rhythm of cicadas. What once seemed so lifeless is suddenly alive. 

On the path to our room we come across an array of vintage vehicles. An old fashioned foodtruck sits abandoned in one corner, visited by those seeking a cozy reading spot. Across from it is the old pick up truck covered in straw.  Around the bend, my personal favourite, the vintage Airstream camper in all its glory. 

The grounds are stunning and offer the perfect desert oasis we were searching. We are selfishly wishing we could stay longer. Tomorrow we are headed to Sequoia National Park, with hopes that nature will treat us as kindly as moonshine lemonades by poolside at the 29 Palms Inn.

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