Coffee For The Road: Marley Coffee Camping

Western U.S.A


It's been over a month now since we've completed our more than 5000 mile tour across the Western United States and I still feel my energy levels are recovering. We saw seven states, six national parks and three national forests in under two weeks. It was exhausting, exciting and incredibly epic. 

There were many cold nights, numerous make shift dinners, heaps of sand and dirt stuck in our shoes and multiple bug bites but we've made it home unscathed. 

Luckily, with awesome Marley Coffee beans to fuel our morning spirits we were set. We both hate mornings but we were up before the sun almost every day. We didn't let exhaustion damper our morning mojo. I believe it's because Ellie and I agreed that the first thing to be done in the morning was make coffee. 

A yawn is a silent scream for coffee

We'd  set up our rickety camp stove and set our water to boil. Waited. Waited. Then finally when the water boiled we mix it in to our little french press and again we waited and waited. And Voilà. Finally, the most beautiful cups of morning coffee. (Making coffee on the road certainly helps you appreciate coffee makers and Keurig's.) For anyone whose every used a french press you'll know how much more difficult it is to get the perfectly tasting cup but with the right richly flavoured beans even us two novice girls, with morning grogginess against us, managed to brew a perfect cup.  

Marley Coffee was one of the top three most valuable things we brought with us, along with our trusty GPS and those precious wet naps that helped us clean up our messy car snacks. We would have been a hot mess without them all. I promise this is the only legal stimulant we brought with us from Colorado, but big thanks to Marley Coffee for providing us with it. 

Our coffee mugs were always with us, keeping our stamina high day after day. Looking back over the photos we took along the way, our Marley mugs were always in hand. Off in the corner of a  picture of me yawning before we started a morning hike through Zion National Park, of Ellie stretching out after the long drive up to Sequoia National Forest and in so many of our morning route mapping meetings by the campsite. 

It's been another crazy adventure we've now got under our belt, leaving us with a sweet taste in our mouth of the next adventures to come. To see more of our wicked adventure and tag along on some of the epic 5000 miles we covered, click to watch the video below and share it with those you'd like to take this journey with.