Throw Back Thursday: Taste of Thailand

Bangkok, Thailand

Travel - It leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.
— Ibn Battuta

There are certain things, that on any average day, can suddenly take me back to an old memory. A unique smell, a particular taste, the sound of an old song. A memory I've stashed away, likely one I've long forgotten, suddenly blows in with the wind. 

This happened to me recently while I fumbled my way through making my family and I dinner. (Read about this on the DISHES page under Thai Curry: Cooking Advice From A Local). I was quite concentrated on the monumental task as I made the dish, but once it was served the memory arrived on cue. 

The plate of red curry that sat on the table in front of me became a role of film and the first bite suddenly made it begin to play. The flavour hit my lips, and the memory jolted me back in time and place. I was there again. Sitting in a white plastic chair sipping Chang beer, with a plate of spicy curry. At the time,  just another meal in a month long adventure in southern Asia, now a cherished memory, playing out all over again in my mind. 

See more images from this recipe on the DISHES page. 

In an effort to bring back more of these fading memories, I'll be gazing back into my past adventures for the next few weeks, offering up some of my stories from traveling over the years. In doing so I hope to inspire us all to be more reminiscent and reflective on the experiences we've all stashed away.

Keep tuned for Throw Back Thursdays on the blog and be sure to jump in on the conversation by commenting and sharing your favourite stories too. 

To begin, a not so distant past. Take a brief look into more of what we saw in Asia.