Road Travelled: Bangkok, Thailand


Before I left, others that had travelled here before told me that two days in Bangkok was more than enough. Unfortunate news for me, considering I had planned to spend two weeks in the city.

Let me set the record straight. Two days in this bustling city would pass in the blink of an eye. There is always something interesting happing, something surprising or odd to see. With an adventurous spirit and wandering feet the city offers up so many hidden gems.

After leaving our apartment every morning, set on exploring some temple or palace, I am always happily interrupted by something intriguing happening down some street. Before I know it I’m deep into some back allies exploring all sorts of hidden paths.

From all that I saw, and everywhere I wandered, I learned that time cannot be spent. It can only be squandered.
— Roman Payne

The street food is so diverse - and sometimes so smelly- but find the right stall and your taste buds will be salivating. The mango sticky rice is delish! And the pineapple is heavenly. I’ve resolved to never pass up a street snack that looks yummy….When in Bangkok right?

We spent the day yesterday wandering through a few of Bangkok’s temples. From afar I thought the wats looked like they were painted in gold.

But a few steps closer and I realized the detail put into their construction. The colors are made up of small glass mosaic tiles, no bigger than an inch wide.


The colors here are so vivid. From the red and blue dragons decorating the outsides of temples to the majestic orange robes of monks shuffling from one prayer room to the next. It is a sensory overload.

We climbed to the top of Wat Arun this afternoon. What a rush. The steps are precariously steep, the kind where you know better than to look down as you’re climbing. But the view from the top makes it worthwhile, even for those with a fear of heights.

The temple, which sits off the Chao Phraya River, dates back to the golden era of Ayutthaya. It was named the Temple of The Dawn after a royal fleet of King Taksin arrived at the temple precisely at dawn to pay homage to the Emerald Buddha that was once housed there.  It’s one of my favourite places I’ve seen so far. Peaceful, eclectic, colorful.

Only one of many amazing cites in the city…. Out to see as much more as I can.

The traveler sees what he sees. The tourist sees only what he has come to see.
— G.K. Chesterton