Arriving in Thailand: Pak Khlong Talat District

It's funny to me how short sighted we can be. I remember only a few months ago a disappointing afternoon that I spent trying to budget my next trip with no avail. Everywhere seemed more expensive than I could afford and I felt a resounding defeat that it would be a long time before I could travel abroad again.


Ironic now I know, seeing as how I am writing this on my second day of a month long stay in Asia.

I spent yesterday morning in the Pak Khlong Talat district famously know as Thailand's largest flower market.  As I aimlessly wandered the  stalls selling thousands of the most beautiful flowers I have ever seen - which cost mere pennies by our standards- I felt this sudden need to reflect on how I got to where I was right then.

I don't mean literally. I could vaguely remember the soi's I had wandered down to get here. But I felt this sense of amazement as I looked on at what was happening around me. The foods for sale. The traffic. The smells. I felt like I had been  wisked away in a twister and plopped down in the middle of this bustling street. I guess I'm feeling a little bit like Dorothy, though I have no intention of clicking my heals three times to head home.

It is most definetly a unique place.

Cockroaches sell on the street, deep fried or on ice depending on your preference. Monks with packed suitcases  wait for the local bus (though I have to wonder how many robes they really need to take with them). You often find yourself face to face with a family of five packed onto a motorcycle as you walk down the sidewalk. Women ride side saddle on the back of scooters as they finish a few work emails on their iPads during the commute. And backpackers sit on the curbs of busy street corners amoungst local food stalls, playing their ukuleles and guitars barefooted, looking to make enough money to carry them to their next city.

On my way out to see more of this bustling city. No plans other than to keep to wandering.