By tomorrow morning all bags will be packed, passport in tow and off to Iceland we’ll go.  

I must say this is the first time my lonely planet guide has not been defaced with stickits and highlighter prior to departure. It has left me with an unbridled curiosity of the unknown adventure that is awaiting us; a feeling which I have come to greatly enjoy. 
I woke this morning with a vivid image of the Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe, a favourite childhood book. With my eyes waking from nights rest I could see Lucy stepping deeper and deeper and deeper into the Wardrobe nearing her first step into Narnia. 

I suppose the scene captured my heightening anticipation of knowing something interesting was about to be discovered but not yet knowing what that something was.  

Months ago I stepped into the room and saw the peculiar wardrobe and each day that passed has been a step towards seeing what was held within the wardrobe’s doors.  I’ve now turned the key (the precursor that any great adventure is about to begin) and have placed a foot inside the door. As I head off to Iceland, I find myself, like Lucy, at the brink of discovering a new land. 
While I’m not expecting to meet any talking foxes or fauns, it would certainly be a grand adventure if I did. 

Here’s to expecting the unexpected.

It’s so large”
”It’s the world dear, did you think it’d be small?”
— C.S. Lewis, The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe