Travelling: PLANE & TRAINS

GR20: Corsica, France

We’ve arrived! A few restless hours spent in planes and trains and taxi and here we are. Although we have yet to see the city of Paris we were able to get a glimpse as we spent our 8 hour layover in the Orly Airport. Small teahouses and carts selling macaroons replaced the McDonalds and Starbucks that are common place in North American airports. Parisian fashion is as beautiful as all the hype. Sam and I sulked with embarrassed faces, as our hiking outfits were not on par with the beautiful women who were so tellement avant-garde. We tried to blend in but our clunky brown boots, too large to go unnoticed, gave us away. With so much to distract us we almost missed our flight. (Note to parents: this was not our fault but airlines!) And so we are off to explore, curious of what we may find.