Icelandic Beaches: GROUND CONTROL TO DC3

In 1973 a U.S. Navy DC3 ran out of fuel on a patrol of the island in bad weather. In need of landing ground the pilot was forced to choose between the mountains or the frigid North Atlantic. Finding middle ground he made use of a vast expanse of sand and deftly set the plane onto the beach. While everyone survived the rugged landing the plane was not worth an extensive salvage.

The plane's remnants remain on the coast of the beach, a deep scar on the otherwise untouched landscape. Like Aldrin and Armstrong in their lunar rover we tore our way through black sand dunes on a vast expanse of open field following what was left of tire trails from others who had been curious enough to venture out in search of the abandoned plane. Invisible along the horizon until your within meters of it, the unpredictable terrain was worth getting lost for.