Road Travelled, Iceland: CHOOSE YOUR OWN SAGA

It is our final night sleeping here in the wilderness, a surprisingly warm and calming experience. Our camping spot, perched between icy snow covered foothills and Toblerone shaped mountains, has fulfilled our desire for an epic last spot.

It has been a freeing experience to be in desolation and manage to unearth so many eclectic landscapes. It's been an adventure overflowing with juxtaposition as an hour's drive has led us through unimaginable backdrops. 


Iceland's has lived up to its reputation of the land of 'Fire and Ice'. At the base of a frozen over volcano (ironic I know) we found boiling mud pits oozing with sulphuric acid.

The wanderlust decision making of a choose your own saga adventure has been a rewarding road trip leading us through Iceland as we; slept in glacier bays, sailed the North Atlantic with a man who starkly resembled Kurt Cobain, explored lava caves from 900 A.D. with an Australian and a 5th generation Icelandic farmer, a midnight sun and complete darkness.  

It seems suitable that after experiencing the uttermost corners of this country we head into the capital for a week of art, live music and delicious beer. 


Enthralled with the idea of a real bed! 

Keep tuned for more.