GR20: Corsica, France 


The trekking has continued but we are in desperate need of recovery. Within three days our bodies have begun to fight us against our will. Sam has managed to pick up two infections while I combatted a gruesome nosebleed. We spent the morning on a gravel goat trail in what looked like an enchanted forest, yet not a single moment felt anything close to enchanting. Our bodies ached with every step. As is no surprise for self-named Team Cluesless,  we managed to take a wrong turn and get severely lost within the first hours of the morning. We found ourselves at a crossroad. Literally. Being lost along a major route didn't seem all that troublesome, but with the awful scowl on Samantha`s face and the dried blood on mine any degree of our usually approachability was vacant. Some one eventually stopped to help us (someone who recognized the desperate look of a lost GR20 hiker). We found our way to town and met up with Ryan and Stacey. This is when we had the “I need a vacation” conversation. Much to Stacey`s demise we look the night to stay in town. Eventually the comforts of civilization wore her down and we convinced her she (most of all) deserved a little break. the next morning it was clear that Samantha needed to see a doctor so we set off for the village of Corte hight up in the mountains. We have scraped the plan and are about to make new ones as we go. The real adventure is to come.

“Nothing is waste if it makes memory”