Inspiration: ON CLOUD 9

I don’t know why everyone complains about airplanes so much.

I mean I get all the arguments and .. I agree. But I guess I’m easily persuaded. Hand me a free snack and some juice and let me pick the TV show and I’m sold. Seems a little reminiscent of the glory days they call Kindergarten. That’s nothing I can complain about.

Not to mention this view...


The clouds were beautiful today. White, fluffy and pristine. 

I felt like I was sailing over an ocean. The clouds raised and lowered like a rolling swell for as far as I could see into the horizon. When we descended, the plane dipped into the clouds and everything went a little murky. Then suddenly it was like I had opened my eyes underwater and could peer down at the sea life swimming below.  

It’s amazing how perspective can change things, isn’t it.

 As I stared down at the endless red taillights stuck in traffic below, I realized, we are all like fish in the sea, scurrying back to our little anemones.

I also realized that all it takes is juice and a snack to keep me happy as a clam, and that is pretty cool too.